Saturday, February 17, 2007


Today was the Fourth Annual Festival at the campground. It started at 11 this morning with a display of crafts for sale. There were things made out of shells, silk flower angels, dishcloths and pot holders, games, pin and bead angels, and some beautiful hand painted porcelain jewelry. Next came the all you can eat pizza lunch. Sam, the campground manager lady, had ordered 70 pizzas from Little Caesars because the more she ordered the cheaper they were she said. Everyone had their fill, and there were about 20 boxes left that were given away during the afternoon. We had music....a guitar and a sax accompanying the canned rhythm section. And they were good. They did some Elvis, Jimmy Buffet, Eddy Arnold, and other "oldie but goodie" songs.

Then came the big event of the afternoon. The dog show! Everyone who had a dog was invited to join in the show, and as they registered earlier this week, they took pictures of each dog. The dog was accompanied down the "runway" by their owner and everyone clapped and cheered as each dog did their walk down the boardwalk leading into the rec center. Each owner was handed a picture of their dog on a certificate that listed all the vital information such as owner and breed etc. And each owner also received a small participation trophy....all the no dog (owner?) would feel bad.

It was hilarious! Dogs in mink vests, sunsuits, tutu's, tuxes, and a Green Bay Packers visor hat and neck scarf ensemble! Most of these were tiny little dogs, poodles, dachshunds, and yorkies. They had names such as Miss So and So, or a French name, or a three name long handle of some kind. The dog I liked best was a plain black and white dog, about a collie size, named Shiloh. He was quiet, well behaved, and was laying in the dirt until his turn came up to parade down the aisle in only his birthday suit, no fancy clothes needed. I actually felt sorry for the other dogs but most of them put up with their owners commands to "look pretty" or "show them how you dance," or the constant fussing with their collars or outfits.

Then followed more music and drawings for prizes given by an RV company from town. I won a small daily log book to record your mileage, $$$$$, sights seen, etc. I've always kept track of such things anyway, but now it can all in one little book on one page and in an organized order. I'll probably use it. What I wanted to win was either the nice lounge chair or the woven mat to lay in front of the door so you don't track dirt in the RV. Someone else got them.

Now I'm doing laundry and it should be finished. Have a good evening and keep warm!

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