Friday, February 16, 2007


I make chicken dumpling soup on two occasions - when I need comforting and when I'm cold. In today's case, it's the later. BRRR! I know you northern folk have been suffering through two weeks of very cold weather, but, hey, we're in Florida! It's supposed to be warmer isn't it? The forecast for tonight is for frost way down in central Florida, so I know for sure we'll be in the upper twenties again. I decided the chicken thighs I bought yesterday to make into BBQ would serve better as soup meat. So I have soup bubbling on the back burner of the stove. I just added carrots, celery, cabbage and a few potatoes and in a few minutes I'll head back to camp and make dumplings for hubby. Chicken dumpling soup is one of his very favorites, so I can probably ask him for just about anything and I'd get it. Let's see. How about some dark chocolate......mmmmmmmmm.

Today is a grandson's birthday and I didn't get his card in the mail until today. I'm sorry Nicolas! I don't know why I am late. I guess when you don't work you don't need to know what the date is! There's a little money in the card for you. Ask your mom if she'll take you shopping. And ask her to send us a recent picture of you. I'll bet you've grown a lot just since Christmas. We miss you and will be excited to see you in May. Maybe you can come and stay with us in the RV on a night when you don't have school. Jaden and Madison like to stay.....maybe you can all come at the same time. That would be a wild party wouldn't it!

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