Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Remember how strange it was to have the Saint Peter tornado hit in March? Way too early in the season we thought. Well, this morning we had tornado warnings here at the campground. We were already up here at the rec center, checking email and bank accounts, and, yes, I was reading a few blogs, when the newspeople broke into the TV program and showed the huge red spot out in the gulf moving toward Panama City Beach. We watched it move toward shore from twenty miles out and saw the little hook developing and the rotation starting. But that one seemed to die out as it hit land. At least I have heard nothing about any damage. We'll watch local news tonight to see if anything happened.

But, while we were worrying about the cell that was about a dozen miles west of us the tornado sirens on base sounded and the base weather people broke into the TV weather special in order to tell us that a funnel was sighted on the west side of the golf course on base. That can't be more than a couple of miles from us! Again it must have died out as it hit the land because we heard nothing more about it. The warning expired and we had no wind at all, just a good downpour. The rest of the afternoon has been humid feeling though. Now they say we are getting a cold front and we will have the coldest weather of the winter, thirties at night and forties during the day. I'll stay in and work on a quilt.

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