Saturday, February 24, 2007


Wednesday evening we went to the Ash Wednesday services at our church and then to the potluck supper afterwards. As we were leaving I stopped to talk to a young man who I had been told had the last name of blank and that his father was a pastor. We had two girls at our college with the last name of blank and their father was a pastor, so I asked this young man if they were by any chance his sisters. Nope. He didn't know them. We continued to talk and he introduced me to his bride-to-be and told me that her family was from Northern Minnesota, a little town named Oklee. I told him that my husband was from Oklee! This young woman's brother was there and said "I need to go get my mom!" He went back to the kitchen and told his mom that there was someone there from Oklee and she came running out. I don't think she recognized hubby right away, but when I said his name she grabbed him and hugged him. Turns out this woman and hubby were in 9th grade together in Oklee, a town of 300 on a good day! It's really a small world. And these surprises that we keep uncovering are so much fun! Hopefully they can get together and talk about old times before we leave in a couple of weeks.

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