Friday, February 02, 2007


We are fine. The horrible weather was south and east of us in central Florida. We did get 3.25 inches of rain yesterday and last night, but that is nothing compared to the tornados south of us. They are now reporting that there were 19 deaths and vast destruction, and that it will be months or maybe even years before all the mess is cleaned up. One church reported that they are having Sunday services on the front lawn of their totally destroyed church building. The pictures coming out of that area are unbelievable.

We went for a ride with our friends this afternoon. We decided we wanted Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream, and the closest place was 62 miles away. And it was worth it to have the coffee ice cream with crushed Heath bar in it. NUMMY! We got back just in time to attend the hot dog night at the gazebo. Everyone brings their own dogs and buns and we just congregate in the gazebo at the fire pit to cook them. Boy, did the fire ever feel good tonight. We're expecting low 30's again tonight, but I noticed it was in the 40's in Seldovia again today.

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