Thursday, March 01, 2007


March is entering like a lion, that's for sure. We are under a huge tornado watch, and there are warnings out for areas quite close to us. I've heard from some people that this is the largest storm of this kind in many years. Just west and north of us there have been tornadoes already, and Missouri reports a young girl has been killed. And then I just talked to my daughter in Minnesota, and the snow is coming down at a rate of 2 inches an hour, the kids are all home from school (again!) and she wants to run away! It's quite a weather day! At least there is a new topic for the radio and TV stations to talk about.

My Florida crud is much better today, probably because I slept last night for the first time in five nights. It's a wonder what sleep can do for you....and what the lack of sleep can do to you. Last night I wanted my mommy, I felt so bad. I remember when I was young and she would put her soft cool hand on my forehead and cheeks to test my temperature or to comfort me. My mom's touch would instantly make me feel better. When we had a cough she would coat our chests with a thick layer of smelly stuff and cover it with a soft camel colored piece of cloth to keep us warm and to protect our jammies from the greasy stuff. The stuff stunk, but it worked. It was kind of a menthol smell, but different than the stuff that comes in the little blue jars now days. Last night I sat in the recliner, wrapped in my soft moose blanket from Katie, and sucked cough drops and drank water to keep from coughing. It worked, probably because of the blanket, and my chest is much clearer today, and I'm not coughing. But for awhile there I felt like crying for my mommy.

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