Sunday, March 04, 2007


Its been a long, long day. We left the RV at 9 am to go to church. We had a beautiful service with a baptism this morning. This is exciting because the church has a lot of older members, and a large number of snowbirds who are only in attendance during the winter months. So the baptism of an infant is cause for celebration! After church we attended Bible Study, then went out to lunch with hubby's high school friends that we had met in church a couple of weeks ago. That took three hours! What fun we had visiting, sharing and laughing. When we left Karen and Rich we went to the big computer store where my computer was supposedly getting repaired. I hadn't left my phone number with the geeks and I knew the one they had on the computer was the old Minnesota home phone. We don't have that phone or home anymore, nor are we in Minnesota. I told the geek I wanted to give him my cell number and he said he'd just check on the status of my computer. Now this is the computer which was still under warrenty and which they had said would be repaired free. Guess what? This particular problem, my blown screen, wasn't covered because they said I must have dropped the computer and damaged it. I absolutely did not damage my computer. They could still fix it......for $550! I don't think so! I was furious! This extended warrenty means nothing, does it. I asked about the $100 we paid to have them back it up because they said I would probably loose everything when they repaired the screen. The geek said that when the computer comes back I could ask and they MIGHT return my money. Well, I think they will! I'm not paying my warrenty plus $100 for them to do nothing. In the past 3 years we have purchased top name brands of a stove, a refrigerator/freezer, a dishwasher, a computer, a camera, and numerous other electronic equipment. But no more. I will purchase nothing more there.
I was beyond upset. Hubby said we should just stop at WalMart and see what they had in computers. We ended up purchasing one. Reasonable, loaded with Vista, has enough memory for anything I'll need it for, same brand as my old one, and when we asked what would happen if we had a problem and he said "Ma'am, this is Walmart. If something doesn't work, you bring it back and we replace it." So when I go back to pick up the old computer at the home of the geeks, I will tell them about my new computer and just why I won't purchase another thing from them.

So I have spent the last couple of hours getting this new computer set up, and so far I like it. I know some people don't like the new Vista, but they said it was mostly when they tried to add new programs. I don't use a lot of programs, so I'm thinking it will be fine for me.

The best thing about today was the beautiful sunset pictured above.

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