Tuesday, March 13, 2007


We arrived here at Patrick ABF this afternoon, and after setting the RV up, we hightailed it to the library to check email and blogs. We've been out of touch for the last three days. We were at Jacksonville Naval Air Station for three nights, Saturday through Monday nights. We had a primitive site, no electricity or water, but it was okay. We ran the generator to do the things that needed electricity.

On Sunday we went to the historic city of Saint Augustine and took a train type vehicle on a sightseeing ride around the whole area. We got a good overview, and then knew what we really wanted to go back to see on Monday. Our train ticket was good for three days, so we could go back on Monday and ride it to the place where we wanted to get off. Then when we were ready we could catch another ride to the next spot, and we ended back at our starting point at 5 in the afternoon on the last train.

What fun we had! We visited the restored Spanish Quarter of the city. Tiny narrow streets were lined with shops of every kind. There were leather goods, jewelry shops galore, clothing, arts of every kind and description, and plenty of eating and drinking establishments.

This is one of the narrow streets with our red train squeezing down the middle. We toured a church built by Henry M. Flagler in one year. It was very beautiful, inside and out.

OOPS! End of our time here at the library. I will continue tomorrow with pictures of the unforgetable Flagler College. You won't believe it!

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