Friday, March 02, 2007


The horrible tornadoes of yesterday were once again very close to us. The high school that was destroyed and the children that were killed, are located just over the Alabama border not too far north of us. This area received nothing during those afternoon storms, just extremely high humidity. In the evening we did have a tornado watch for many hours and we received a lot of heavy rain, a lot of lightening, and some wind. I stayed up until after midnight to watch the bright red line of storm cells cross the TV screen. As the last squalls came off the gulf and headed northeast, I could finally see that we were no longer in danger, and I went to bed. Georgia received the brunt of the second line of storms, and there were several deaths there also.

I know my family and friends up north are going through terrible conditions in the form of a major winter blizzard. I envy them. You can forecast snow storms better than tornadoes. You may have a lot of snow to shovel, and sometimes power does go out, but if you stay inside you are pretty safe from death. Not so with tornadoes. They come charging out of the clouds and cause horrible death and destruction, sometimes in the tornado watch area, sometimes not. You can be alert, listening to the weather reports, and the tornado can sneak out of the sky and attack you in a matter of seconds. You can't predict with much certainty what they will do. You just can't trust them.

Thank you Heavenly Father for sparing this area from the awful storms. Comfort those who are grieving the loss of family, friends, and property, and use this event to bring them closer to You. Be with my family and friends back home and keep them safe and warm during the storms there. I also ask You to be with the college students who headed out into the stormy winter weather today for their spring break. Keep them safe and bring them safely back to school. In His Name. Amen.

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