Saturday, August 01, 2009


We partied until the sun went down, about 10:30 or so last night. We are getting dark about five minutes faster each night. Soon we'll really notice the difference.
The party was for the gal in this band, the fiddler on the right. She is the first one of Chris' friends that I met......many years ago.... when they all lived in Girdwood. Now they all live in Seldovia and are great friends, the family away from family. Karrie is due to have her baby in a couple of weeks, and the friendly folks had a great shower for her.

And the band, Billy Goat played for us. Great bluegrass music! Son Chris is the guitarist on the left.
This is the beautiful quilt her friends made for her. So much love and friendship is stitched into that quilt. She is a lucky gal to have such great friends.
My baby print flannel quilt paled in comparison to theirs. And on top of it, this is a very bad picture of my quilt! It looks all wrinkly and misshapen, but it's really not. But I think she liked it.
Everyone brings their dogs to the potluck get togethers, and we must have had about a dozen different furry friends there at different times. Here are just four of the very similar looking black labs.

And a great time was had by all!


Lisa said...

I guess I didn't realize there was a baby about to be born. And what a beautiful blanket you made to welcome the little one into the world. I love that everyone brings their dogs to the get togethers...I think that is awesome and especially if they all get along. Your stay there is sure making me want to go back to Alaska for a visit. Enjoy it for ME.

Joni said...

Aren't you just the little party girl! How fun! I love Bluegrass music. The baby quilt you made is precious and sure to inspire lots of snuggly love before long. Congratulations to the mom-to-be.