Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What a beautiful setting for some great bluegrass music. This is a deck off the back of an establishment (ok, a bar with really good food!) overlooking the boat harbor. Chris and friends treated us to some great tunes on Saturday night.
Sunday Chris and Amy's friend, Mark, took us on a sailboat ride. What fun that was! No noise, just peace and quiet and a gentle breeze to go along with the skies filled with smoke from the fires up by Fairbanks, hundreds of miles north of us.

The skies were really funny, causing the sun that did come through to be really intense in brightness. It hurt your eyes to look at it.
Last night, at nine o'clock, this guy chattered away while I was looking at the bright sun sparkling on the water.

But at ten, all was quiet and peaceful, bringing to an end another beautiful day in Seldovia.


Lena . . . said...

How gorgeous - beautiful and looks like so much fun. When do you start for home?

Marge said...

Lena, we haven't set an exact date yet, but we're talking about it. We will leave here on a Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday, as that's the day the ferry runs to Homer. Then we'll take our time getting home. We do have to be home by Sept 12, as we have a wedding to attend. Are you home from your adventure yet?

Lisa said...

awwwwww, just such peace and tranquility. I need it in my life. can you bottle it up and send me some??? PLEASE????

Joni said...

Thank you my friend for delivering a little peace and quiet to my day...I was wishing to be at that establishment with you...listening to the music and soaking in the environment. Your pictures are wonderful! I really can get lost in them.

as a side note* How old is your son? Is this a regular band he plays in and do they have anything out or uploadable? Accessible to me? Just curious, I love new music.