Saturday, August 08, 2009


There is a use for everything, even old worn out boots.

Flowers at a home along the slough.
Part of the old boardwalk that remains after the earthquake of 1965.

An apple green barn and two blue homes that still remain on the old boardwalk.

Reflections in the quiet peaceful harbor.


Joni said...

Beautiful scenery - very serene. I even like the old boots with flowers, but I don't think I could pull that one off.

Marge said...

Joni, up here that is the "look." Although it's not really a look, it's real life! No one throws anything away according to the looks of their yards and garages and storage buildings. Something might come in handy sometime for some use of some kind! But I agree, the boots wouldn't exactly compliment all housing styles!

Lisa said...

Stop it!!!! You are KILLING me here. I want to be there with you soooo badly. We are even looking at motor homes right now just to get away. Life is very stressful right now and we want to run away.

Marge said...

Come on up, Lisa! No one is stopping you! Hey, hurry and get a motorhome or trailer, and then join us this winter on a little trip!