Thursday, August 27, 2009


We have survived our long hours driving through Canada, and are just about to the North Dakota border. I just called our son and told him we'd be there tomorrow night. This was another loooooong day and the fuses are getting short! (Hey, two months in a truck or a camper make for a lot of togetherness......too much togetherness!) The highway was bad. Very bumpy, although I'll admit there were a lot of construction crews out there trying to fix the worst parts. There is beginning to be a lot more traffic which is something we did not miss when we were in Seldovia.
We also did not miss traffic jams, traffic lights, sirens, malls, big box stores, trains going by the campground six times during the night............and we didn't miss the big crowds of people, the rush, rush, rush to get wherever it is that you're going so when you get there you can rush some more. Yes, we have come to really like the quieter life, the more slow paced life, where people are the important things, not the things you own. I want to go back!

We did see some pretty scenery though; many huge farms, lots of cattle, peaceful little ravines crossing between the green hills, and the beautiful golden grain fields.

The picture below is another taken out of the truck window at 65 miles per hour, so it's a bit blurry. But I think this farmer must be doing something right, uh? I think there were 24 grain bins on his farm!
Today's news on Gail is a bit better. Corey said she was much calmer today, carried on a conversation, and was not combative. She got out of bed and stood for a few minutes, and was more like her own self. She's still sedated and sleeps a lot, but seems to be coming out of it better today. I pray that continues.


Lena . . . said...

Is the highway bad ALL the way from the Canadian border to Alaska, or just sections of it? And, is it all hard surface or sections of gravel? Just wondering.

Marge said...

No, it's not all bad. These last few days were smaller Canadian highways, not the main ones, and some of them were rough. The Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek to Whitehorse isn't too bad, but from Whitehorst to the Alaskan border is rough. It's all paved, but it's built on perma-frost, so you are dealing with lots of frost heaves. It's worth it!

Now we're sitting in East Grand Forks at the state park. We'll have a little grandkid time tomorrow, then home on Sunday. I'll wave!

Linda B said...

Glad to hear Gail had a better day.

Joni said...

Getting caught up...I've been one of those busy people you are talking about...rush rush rush...then I come to your blog and see that road that goes on and on and I think I've reached a new level of calm for the day. I love the scenery. Enjoy what's left of your journey ~

Russell said...

Talk about an Incredible Journey! Wow!!

I have taken time to go through all the photographs you posted and I am amazed. Talk about big country and incredible scenery! Wow!!

Some day....!!! But for now I will enjoy these wonderful images you have provided for us!