Wednesday, August 05, 2009


The seas were a little choppy but the sky was blue as we headed out to set the long line, with Stella scouting for the perfect spot.
We found a good spot, and Amy is attaching the bait line to the long line.
Looks like Ernie is supervising and Chris is driving the boat while Amy lays the line.

The buoy and the smaller identification buoy mark the spot, and we head back into shore to have a spaghetti dinner before we go back to pull the line and see what we got.

Nope, don't want this thing. Might keep this cod fish.

But this is what we're looking for! Ernie (the supervisor, remember?) is the one claiming ownership of this lovely halibut.

But Chris is the master of the fillet knife, and he makes short work of the halibut cleaning. In no time at all he had the fillets ready for the vacuum packer, and eventually, my tummy!

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Lisa said...

Would you be game to go back to Alaska and be our personal guides? I want to go again, but enjoy the things you are enjoying. You are having a WONDERFUL time I can tell. Hip Hip Hooray for you guys.