Friday, August 14, 2009


The weather has turned again; it's back in the rain, fog, dreary skies mode.

My granddaughter, Anna, has been hospitalized with pneumonia, and maybe more. This alone is enough, but her mom, our daughter Kari, is in Ohio, presenting at a national conference for NACAC. Anna's sister, our granddaughter Katie, is taking care of the kids while Kari and Mike are gone. Needless to say, everyone is a bit stressed! Kari has given her presentation and is flying home as we speak and should be landing in MPLS soon where she will catch the shuttle to our hometown where Aaron will pick her up and deliver her to the hospital. Please pray for Kari's safe travels and for Anna's quick recovery.

Our daughter, Gail, will be having her big surgery on Monday at the University of Minnesota where they will remove part of her pancreas. She will remain in the hospital for quite awhile after the surgery to get everything flowing again. Please pray for her too.

And one final request. We will be leaving here on the Tuesday ferry, spending a couple of days in Anchorage with Ernie's brother, then hitting the Alaska Highway for home. We'll stop for a day or two in Grand Forks, and then should be home for when Gail is released from the hospital. Please pray for our safe travels, too.

So we only have four days left here in this peaceful haven. When the rain stops I hope to get out with the camera and snap pictures of enough of the scenery to hold me over until our next trip up here. I will miss this place immensely. And my heart is already aching just from thinking of saying goodbye to Chris and Amy.


Joni said...

A number of prayers being whispered tonight just for you my friend. I hope everything goes well all the way around. I'll brace myself for one last set of pictures - it's been a nice vacation, I've enjoyed myself.

Great big hugs for your loving support and friendship ~

Rick and LuAnn said...

Our prayers are certainly with you and your family. Let us know if there is anything we can do.
Your pictures and account of your beautiful Alaskan journey have been so enjoyable! Please take a picture of Homer before you leave. Michael has sent some camera phone ones, but I know they don't do it justice. Thanks!

Linda B said...

Of course all will be in my prayers. Please enjoy your last couple of days with Chris and Amy.

Lisa said...

Wow, a lot on your plate. I know that God will watch over you and your family, His Protective Hands will be right there. And yes, I will say a prayer. I am feeling your....your emotions in this post. Safe travels Marge. And give an update on everyone soon as possible.