Thursday, August 06, 2009


Things are starting to get interesting around the campground. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that we are usually the only ones out there. It's really been pretty quiet. There is a campsite that is all set up, a couple of tents, a small trailer, awning, and coolers and cooking utensils, etc, but no food, or people. I guess someone has it set up just in case they get time off to go camping. Anyhow, a bear has been frequenting the spot and throwing things around etc. Right across from this site is an outhouse with a trash can, and that can is tipped over each morning and stuff strewn around. (Ya, I know. Someone should be emptying it, shouldn't they!)

Down at the end of the campground is another outhouse, this one sitting right where folks come to look at the sunset or eagles, or to sit in their vehicles and drink beer or do whatever folks do in parked cars these days. Anyhow, there is another trash can there, and this one is also tipped over with the contents strewn about. Other than that garbage mess, the only other messes have been the piles of cwap on the road. Lots of cwap piles.

However, this morning we found a different story. Mr. Bear has discovered our site now, and tipped over our coolers, which were clean and empty and just stored outside. He also tipped over the gas can and left a couple of nice tooth holes in it. AND, he left paw prints up on the camper, and a nice claw hole torn in the side of the camper by a window! You ask "didn't you hear him and wake up and scare him off?" Well, no, we didn't. You see, someone doesn't hear anything when he is sleeping and snoring. And I wear ear plugs at night because someone else is sleeping and snoring. So we did not hear him.

Now I haven't seen this bear. I only have seen one, and he was running along the edge of the road and quickly ducked into the brush as we came buy. Ernie has seen this guy in the early mornings, either on the trail to the beach or in the brush eating devils club berries. I have been carrying my camera everywhere I go, trying to get a picture of him to post, but no such luck so far. But now I'm not sure I want to see him! He's getting a bit up close and personal!

Mr. Bear does have a sense of humor, though. Remember the site that is set up, no food, no people, but some cooking utensils? Well, this morning the bear kind of ransacked that site again, knocked the cooking pot off the table, and cwaped in it! Guess he was upset because no one was cooking his breakfast.


Lisa said...

Oh that is funny and disgusting. And I can't believe you took a picture of it....and posted it.....
and I sit here looking at it!!!
we are some sick people!
Be careful that you don't run into that bear before he find someone to cook his breakfast for him please.

Joni said...

Seriously? That's crazy AND a little scary. You do know they can rip right through your trailer right? You need an air horn close by. Be careful. That would be real cwappy if anything more happened. Maybe the bear is planning to cook up something real special for ya. Never trust a bear - don't you ever watch Yogi?

FAScinated said...

I thought maybe Kevin had come up to visit and had cooked for you. Hee hee.

Stay safe!!

Lena . . . said...

CWAP! Our campground has been so quiet up until last night. After last night I think I'd rather deal with your bear than the "animals" that took up residence here last night. I'm about ready to say more than CWAP!