Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just a quick update. We are in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I'm sitting at the campground host's table on her patio, just checking email and giving you a short update.

Some have asked about Anna. She is well, went home from the hospital as soon as her mom got home from her conference, and has been causing havoc ever since. She is over her pneumonia!

Gail, on the other hand, isn't doing well. She had her surgery a week ago, and it went according to plans. She seemed to be doing well at first, but now is back in ICU. I talk to her husband in the mornings and again in the evenings. This morning he said he wanted to talk to her doctors. When I called him tonight, he had talked to the doctors, but his news was sobering. She has become very combative, very angry, and is pretty out of it. She pulled her IV's out today and tried to hit one of the nurses. The doctor said that the meds in her system are acting like the alcohol used to act, and now she is going through withdrawal again. I feel so bad for her. I'm sure she'll not remember any of this when she does get well. But it's hard to think of her going through all that again. Corey is getting pretty tired, too. I hope he can get away from the hospital for a little while, just to regroup and relax. She probably won't remember if he was there or not. We should be home and able to see her the first part of next week.

The highway was very bumpy today, and my shoulders, upper arms, and upper chest are very sore. FMS and bumpy roads do not go well together. I can't wait to get to Grand Forks where we will stop to visit Lenny and his family and will not drive for two days!


Linda B said...

You have some beautiful photos Marge. Gail is in my prayers.

Lisa said...

This is not the best news, but I am hoping that it is all now past and everything is back on track. Sorry I have been away, But I am trying to get caught up with your postings now!! Take care and know I am thinking of you and your family.