Friday, August 21, 2009

Tuesday morning was filled with packing up, rearranging the contents of the trailer, and getting everything travel ready.
Our trip home begins with the ferry, the Tustemena, which is a part of the Alaska Marine Highway system. The trip from Seldovia to Homer takes about an hour and a half.
Chris and Amy came to see us off, and handed us a box from the garden gnome, potatoes, carrots, beets, kale, lettuce, and cabbage. And I roasted the root vegetables tonight for dinner, and they were delish! We also have a freezer filled with salmon and halibut. Thanks for everything kids! We had a wonderful visit, and enjoyed meeting so many of your fellow Seldovians. Miss you already and love you bunches!
And there is Seldovia, fading off into the distance.
After unloading we drove off the spit, and were off to Soldotna, and the Fred Meyer parking lot. There was no beautiful scenery there, but the next morning we found
some lovely spots on our way to Anchorage.
This one is a strange combination of dark clouds, white clouds, snow, fog, and a bit of rain! We arrived in Anchorage and I proceeded to do three weeks worth of laundry! We had a delicious dinner last night with Ernie's brother Gary and his wife, Gail. We enjoyed our visit, and talked and laughed into the night. Thanks guys! Love you! This morning I had to take a few pictures of the neat mushrooms. This top one is about twelve inches high, looks like a little table.
And I love this polka dotted one!
We had a lovely day for traveling.
Matenuska Glacier.
The rock names and initials covering the dirt on the bank on the side of the road.
Stopped for a potty break at this beautiful spot.
Pretty, isn't it?
Bumpy road and beautiful mountains were the story of the day today. We are now in Tok. I saw a T-shirt at a gift shop that had the state of Alaska on it with the town of Tok highlighted. The shirt read: We've never heard of you either! I thought it was funny!


Lena . . . said...

What gorgeous scenery. But that bumpy highway doesn't look very pleasant. Drive safe and honk your horn as you go by.

Joni said...

I love all of your pictures and I can tell you really enjoyed your make retirement look like so much fun! Have a safe journey home ~

Lisa said...

STOP, STOP, we haven't arrived yet. go back and wait for us!!!
I just can't get enough of that view!