Thursday, July 30, 2009


Greetings from Seldovia, the rain capitol of the world! At least it seems like it. It has rained twelve out of the last thirteen days, and I'm pretty sure it sprinkled on that other day too. Mostly life goes on as usual. The fishing we've done has all been in the rain. We've sat outside and enjoyed our view of the water, from under the awning that is. Everyone goes on about their business.....wearing the fashion correct clothing for the monsoon season, yellow slickers. Or orange. And calf high rubber boots. Brown. The roads that used to be full of deep pot holes are now full of water filled deep pot holes. The white truck is no longer vanilla looking, but rather a rich chocolate brown. The ATV's that used to come roaring through the campground at all hours of the day or night are almost nonexistent! We've done some canning. I've almost finished a flannel baby quilt. I've read five books. We've had wonderful dinners of salmon and halibut, accompanied by fresh garden lettuce, broccoli, and turnips. We've enjoyed visiting with Chris and Amy and grand dog, Stella.

And I'm loving' it!


Joni said...

I was thinking about you today...I'm pretty sure you are the cause of me purchasing some delicious salmon - had it in my head from somewhere! Glad you are having such a wonderful time even if it is raining. Stomp in one of those puddles for me! :)

hugs and blessings to fill your day ~

Lena . . . said...

Hmmm - good thing Ole and I have good Harley rain gear. Enjoy that salmon. My mouth is watering.

Memaw's memories said...

You can't let the weather ruin your trip. I know you are having a great time, and as always, I'm envious.

Have a good time for me while you're at it.

Lisa said...

And I bet the weather temps are nice too. Nothing wrong with the rain, that will be very relaxing. Oh I so wish we were there with you!