Saturday, July 04, 2009


Today we did the Going to the Sun Road, the most beautiful and most amazing road project I have ever seen. The road is fifty miles long, and is billed as one of the world's most spectacular highways. We have driven it a half dozen times or more, but this time we took the bus and left the driving to them! The park is using shuttles which has greatly reduced the traffic on the road, which at times is bumper to bumper on a narrow, wet highway. We took a shuttle from St Mary, where we are camped, to Logan Pass, which sits at the continental divide. Then another shuttle from Logan to Avalanche Creek, and then another to Apgar Village, on the west side of the park. We had lunch there, and then repeated the trip, back over the pass to St. Mary Campground again. These pictures are in no particular order.

MacDonald Lake on the west side of the park, in Apgar Village. Lovely lake, clear and cold.
Some flowers in a planter in Apgar Village. There are flowers everywhere, and you know me! I had to shoot them all!

Taken through the bus window up towards Logan Pass on the west side of the divide.

The flags of America and Canada, flying proudly at Logan Pass. This park is located in both nations.........we share it! I think that is so neat. Two countries are friendly and share a great attraction. We will head to Many Glacier Campground tomorrow, just for the day and night, and then up to Waterton Lakes, the Canadian portion of the park, on Monday. Then it will really feel like we are on the way to Alaska!
Happy Fourth, and God Bless America!


Joni said...

Oh that snow looks sooo good to me. Everything is just beautiful Marge! I love the sky, the flowers, the green snowy mountain, the idea we share a park with a neighboring country...I'm sure enjoying myself on this trip of yours. Keep having fun and be safe ~

Lena . . . said...

I'm following your trip on my map. Beautiful pictures.