Friday, July 03, 2009


We are here. This is the road going right by our camper, and yes, we can see the mountains from here. It was a long day from Williston ND to St. Mary's Campground in Glacier National Park. We did see some beautiful scenery along the way, but the cell phone connection is very weak tonight, so I'll be glad if just this one photo publishes! Nothing like a primitive campground........with a generator for power and a cell phone for an internet connection. Boy some people are getting soft, aren't they. Well, yes, I am!

Montana has big beautiful blue skies. It has lovely green wheat fields. It also has those little white crosses along side the road to show where people have been killed in traffic accidents. I don't like them. In one little stretch of a mile, we saw nine crosses. It was the first mile leading out of town and the bars. And in one spot there were six crosses all attached together. They make me sad and I don't like them.

Tomorrow is the Fourth. We plan to lock up the camper and truck, and hike back to the Visitor's Entrance and catch the free van to take us on the Going to the Sun Road. They are trying to lessen the traffic on the road, so are now offering the shuttles. It should be a full day if we get off at a few of our favorite spots, go all the way to West Glacier, and then catch a shuttle back. I hope to take lots of pictures as this is one of the most scenic spots in the USA, but I'm not sure how many I can post with the cell phone connection. I can post them later when I get a stronger WIFI connection.

Until then, have a fun but safe Fourth of July. And God Bless America!


Joni said...

Looks very peaceful with all that green...will definitely look forward to more pictures...I'm going to go get my lawn chair ready.

I'm like you...those crosses always make me sad, around here they decorate them for months. Drive safely please ~

Lena . . . said...

We rode over the Going to the Sun Road on a motorcycle a few years back. It was absolutely gorgeous. I certainly understand why they call Montana the Big Sky state.

Ann from Montana said...

Hi Marge,

Beautiful photos and glad you are enjoying Glacier.

I have mixed feelings about the crosses, but one of their stated purposes is to make people think about their driving. I hope they do.