Wednesday, July 01, 2009

AS PROMISED...... I am, live and in living color, coming to you via my cell phone and my little Acer. It hooked up just as it was supposed to, on the first try! So I was able to check my email and read a couple of blogs. You know. The important things.

We are here in East Grand Forks, camping by the river in a campground that was under water just a few weeks ago. I waved as I passed your city, Lena, and was amazed at how far behind your crops are! Our corn is waist high and more, and here it is about 6 inches. Not a good year.

We had our son, Lenny, his wife, Connie, and their son, Sammy over for a few hours, and had a nice visit and a kid friendly meal at Mac and Don's. On our way back through in September we hope to stay a few days and spend more time with them. Right now we're kind of pushing to get west towards Glacier so we can find a spot before the Fourth.

Pictures are v.....e.........r.........y slow through this connection, however, so I won't be posting many until I get a WIFI connection. But I am excited that it works! Yay for me, and thank you Clayton!


Lena . . . said...

Isn't technology wonderful? Are you going up the AlCan Highway? You'll have to let me know how good the road is and whether or not you have good cell coverage along the road. I've heard horror stories about the road and have also heard that it's wonderful. Our goal is to go to Alaska next summer so I'm anxious for reports. And yes, I thought I saw someone waving as they went by the other day!!

Our poor farmers here are not having a good year. Everything got in very late due to all the water and then we had a second round of flooding just a couple of weeks ago. What had managed to come up got drowned out. We just can't win here this year.

I'll be awaiting your next post.

Rick and LuAnn said...

Will follow your journey on the map, and look forward to each post!!