Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4117 MILES

We made it! All 4117 miles of bumpy road later, and a 17 mile ferry ride across the bay, and we are here. I am so glad to be finished with that bumpy, bouncy, bone rattling, teeth chattering road! This is the third time we've driven up, and the roads were the worst this time. But it's beginning to be a faint memory now, as we've settled into the park, hooked up the generator, and visited with our son at his cabin. So was it worth it? You betcha!

We arrived in Anchorage on Sunday night and had dinner and a great visit with Ernie's brother Gary and his wife Gail. That was a lot of fun! Since we were last here Gail has successfully fought breast cancer, so it was an extra tight hug that I gave her when I first saw her. She looks great and is winning the battle! Gary is retiring at the end of next week, and they are taking off for Minnesota! But they'll be back before we leave, so we will see them again.

Monday morning we left our camp spot and headed for an RV dealer to get a fix for the shower head. Accomplished that within just a few minutes, and we headed to Fred Meyer for grocery shopping. I found great prices, good selection, and because I had a $30 off coupon if I spent $150, I saved some considerable bucks! Yay me! Then we headed to Homer. Arrived there and found a spot right on the Spit, within feet of the water. I had a wonderful walk and a good night's sleep.

Bright and early yesterday morning we went to the Alaska Ferry Terminal and bought the tickets for the last leg of our trip. We loaded about ten and took off about noon, for a 1:30 arrival in Seldovia. I have some pictures that I'll put in the next post.

It's been one year since my mom died. It's been a rough year at times. I still miss her daily, but I would not wish her back. There is no doubt that she is enjoying eternity with our Lord, and I will see here again when it's my time. I thank you for your support and comforting words when I was really struggling. You friends are the best!


Lena . . . said...

Eww! That AlCan Highway doesn't sound like much of a treat!!

Lisa said...

Glad your travel is going so well. I have not posted so I don't know if blogger is having trouble with the pics or if it is just you. I will try later this week. Getting ready for a bad storm so this is short.

Joni said...

Hi Marge! Sounds like you accomplished a lot of catchin' up on your trip...can't wait to see the pictures when blogger allows you....I'm assuming that's the problem since it so often is.

Welcome home.

Memaw's memories said...

I am just sooooo jealous of your travels. I'm sitting here at my desk 'working' and you are off having the time of your life.

Have fun and be careful. Can't wait to see the photos.

My mom has been gone 40 years and I too miss her every day. Maybe she and your mom have become fast friends. I sure hope so.