Friday, February 27, 2009


I haven't heard a thing about my sewing machine yet. Come on guys! It's been over 36 hours!

We had a nice snow storm yesterday, causing many folks to ask us if we thought we had come home from Florida too soon. No, we came home just at the right time. Snow storms are kind of fun when you have a big Ford truck, and can bust through the piled up snow from the snow plows, which hubby did yesterday when he crashed through the line of plowed up snow closing off the entrance to the parking lot where I had a hair cut scheduled. After all, you can't miss a haircut when it's been a full two months since the last one.

After the haircut I went to the new location of the sewing machine place right across the hall from the beauty shop. Nope, the repair person couldn't come in because of the snow storm. He should buy a big Ford truck, don't you think? I have things to sew and I need my machine! No matter that the furniture needs dusting, there is more laundry piling up, and I could clean the bathroom, I am in the mood to work on some more bags and to start a quilt. And I need my machine!


Just Joni said...

I hope you get your machine soon, I know you must be excited to start using those fabrics you found!

Lisa said...

Yes, I fear you have an addiction. You are going through withdrawls no doubt. I am so sorry for you and here you came home to some wonderful weather to stay in and work on sewing projects. That will teach you to leave Florida early huh? Seriously, glad you are home safely, but so sorry your machine is ill/dead/in the hospital! keep the updates coming...please!

Lisa said...

Ok??? What is the latest? Fixed yet or not?