Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts this week. The wireless connection here at the rec center has been very flaky. You may be online, and decide to write a quick email, and by the time you write three lines the connection is gone. Or I'll get three pictures loaded, start on another, and the connection is gone. Or I'm reading your blog and I'm kicked offline. Now that makes me mad! So I'm going to write this quick, and maybe include a picture or two from our boat trip and then try to post it. If it works, I'll try a couple more!

Our fearless captain and my sweetie for 44 years, Ernie. He had to take an online course, take an online test and get above 80% (he got 93%) and then he was issued a certificate allowing him to pilot the boat in Florida waters. And we all returned safely!
We were entertained by these dolphins, but the photographer didn't get good pictures. Those guys are quick and you never know where they'll surface. I should have videoed.
But they were fun to watch and we were happy that they chose to show us a few of their tricks.
I'll post this and try for more!

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Lisa said...

Oh now I am really jealous!!! That is the one thing I wanted to see and didn't. Thanks for sharing what I didn't get to!!!