Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I heard a beautiful song as I was washing my hair this morning. It kept going, on and on, so I opened my door to hear better. The cardinal just looked at me and kept right on singing! I went outside to get a bottle of water out of the cooler, went back inside, got my camera, and he just sat there, singing away! What a special treat on this gray morning.
Yesterday afternoon we stopped at the fruit stand that advertised Plant City Strawberries. I bought a flat and took them home to make into freezer jam. I made seven jars of jam and sliced up five baggies and stuffed them in my teeny tiny freezer, which was almost empty because we're heading out on Monday and I'm clearing out stuff. Plant City Strawberries are the best, and I'm excited to have some to share at home.
Want some? Aren't they delicious looking?

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Lisa said...

Oh they look delicious. I love strawberries. In fact I bought a little container of them yesterday, paid way too much and I bet they won't taste half as good as yours. I think I will go eat one to see!
I can't believe you are already heading home! (On Monday!)