Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today we drove through the rolling hills of Missouri that were brown, but beautiful. I love Missouri. It's one of my favorite states.
Then we drove through Iowa, which had a frosting of white on the ditches and fields, but not on the roads.
Then we arrived in Minnesota where we found a bit more snow, but not on the roads here either. Can't complain. The temps were upper 30's this morning, in the teens when we arrived home.
And the cupboards are bare! Let's see. We could have Ragu spaghetti sauce on Wasa Crisps with a side of olive oil! How does that sound?
And no help here either! At least the frig is clean! I did that last thing the morning we left.
So I guess tomorrow I have to buy a few groceries to fill this nice clean frig.
We made it home safe and sound at about 5:40 this afternoon. We've carried in the most important things, and will get the rest in the morning. We're tired after 1,360 miles and will head for bed early tonight. Then, tomorrow, it's back to the normal routine. No walk on the beach, that's for sure!


Just Joni said...

I'm glad you are home safe and sound...well, maybe a bit more sound after you get that refrigerator restocked and all your stuff unpacked. It's been a lovely vacation and I thank you for letting us be little "stowaways"...I've truly enjoyed your travels!

Lisa said...

I am glad also that you made it home safely. Sorry that you cut your vacation short, but I honestly bet you were really glad to get home. Even though there will be lots to do in the next few days, it must be such a relief to sleep in your own bed. Oh yes, back to the normal routine...
I don't know, the walk on the beach sure sounds pretty good right now!! Talk to you again soon.

Linda B. said...

Welcome home! I'll have to catch up and find out why you came home early.