Saturday, February 14, 2009


There was even a welcoming committee as we arrived on Shell Island.
Another photo of fences and sand and beach weeds. I think I need to get a couple of those enlarged and framed for my bedroom. I have some watercolors I bought in Nova Scotia of Peggy's Cove, so these would fit right in. My bed quilt is a solid blue, like the sky, and I'm going to make a couple of blue and white patchwork pillows. And I have my jar of sea glass on a shelf, so I could fit these pictures into the theme very easily.
The six of us were the only people on this island which is very long and narrow. Our pontoon boat is on the other side of the island on the inland waterway. This is the gulf side.
The sky was incredible that day. I could have stayed for hours, but we had a deadline on the rented pontoon, so had to leave. But take my word for it, this was a beautiful spot!


Lisa said...

Oh I so agree with you, just to sit there and watch the sky and listen to the sounds....nothing better huh? Well, maybe sharing it with the grandkids!

Linda B. said...

Simply beautiful Marge