Thursday, February 19, 2009


Has anyone seen this classic movie on late night TV? Every once in awhile it shows up on one of the middle of the night movie channels. Well, I have been to the place where this movie was made. Wakkula Springs, Florida. We took a day trip over there last week on a bright sunny day, and had a wonderful time. We took the river ride and saw lots of alligators, ducks and other water fowl, turtles, and even a manatee! Granted, the manatee never stuck his head above water, but we did see the tip of his nose above water, and then his huge blubbery body below the water. Boy, are those creatures ever large! The alligators were sunning themselves on the river banks or on small logs, and one even shared his spot with a turtle. I'll post some pictures of the creatures, but first I want to show you the lodge where at this beautiful Florida State Park.
This is the view of the lodge that we had from the boat on the river. It is a beautiful building. I would like to see the guest rooms on the second floor. I'm guessing it's expensive to stay there.There is a huge fireplace and brightly painted ceilings. And this attractive sitting area in the large open room.
There were quite a few tables in the dining room. This is our friend Glenn.
And this is the whole gang. On your right are Glenn, Carole, and Richard. On the left are Ernie, me, and Bev. If I had known how fat I looked on this picture, I wouldn't have ordered the awesome club sandwich that was about five inches thick!

I highly recommend the park, the river boat trip, and the restaurant! All were top notch!


Just Joni said...

What a fun excursion! It's always a treat to see where movies were made. I haven't seen that one in quite a few years...but the location is lucky dog!

Lisa said...

Are these all people you already knew before you got there? Was it planned you all would meet there? Are they all in trailers like you are? I am sure asking a lot of questions aren't I? Sorry. I am so jealous of your wonderful trip and friends. I want people that will go and hang out with us while we travel and do things. Wanna go?