Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's bad. It's really bad. It's really, really bad. I blew up my sewing machine last night and I'm suffering severe withdrawal pains. You see, last Thursday we packed up our stuff, then went to dinner with our friends, Dick and Bev. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we were on the road. Monday I did laundry and unpacked and grocery shopped. So yesterday I finally had time to sit down at the machine. I'm working on another bag, this one for a birthday present coming up pretty soon. I was happily sewing alone, doing a decorative top stitch between the patchwork blocks on the front of the bag when all of a sudden......silence. Nothing. The machine would not go one single stitch further. It was completely dead!

Now I have a computerized machine, so does that mean it crashed like a computer does? Did I fry the mother board like happens on a computer? Was it something I did, or did it just have so many miles on it that it just quit, like a car does? All I know is that I'm lost! I planned to get that bag done and another one, too, before the second week of March. Now I don't know what I'll do.

So, when I was going into town to have the phone guys do a small update to my phone, I took my sewing machine along. I drove to the mall where the shop is, and looked towards the building, and saw nothing but an empty store front! What? Where is my sewing machine dealer? It was here two months ago when I left for Florida! I got closer and saw a sign on the door saying: We're in the same building, just go to the East door and we're in room 618. Phew! I thought for a minute there that I had a dead machine and no where to take it!

Which actually turned out to be the truth. My shop no longer deals in this brand of machine! The closest store is in the Twin Cities, 80 miles away. They did take my machine, and for a fee of $20 they will open it up and look at it. If it's a matter of loose wires or snapped something or another, they will fix it. If I need a new board I will have to take it up to the Cities. And that is not something I want to do right now! I want to finish the project I started. And if it's a new board, will it cost almost as much as a new machine?

So on top of withdrawal, I'm really frustrated. GRRRRRR...................


Memaw's memories said...

I'm so sorry about your machine.

I learned after buying my first computer sewing machine, that I had to always have a backup plan. I bought one of the first Singer computerized machines in 1975 or 76and wore it out. I used a borrowed one for a while, then bought a Babylock embroidery machine. I have since bought a small Bernette(baby Bernina)so I'd have a spare. It sure comes in handy. It will do a lot of what my bigger machine does, just not the embroidery.

Hopefully your local people can fix yours.

Linda B. said...

I still have my Sears sewing machine my parents gave me for my high school graduation gift....from 1976! It works great. I had no idea there were computerized machines! I need a life!

Lisa said...

Oh I hope everything works out for you and your machine!!! I think that is how I would feel if my computer went out. I would be just flat out lost. Hope your days are pretty nice, being you are used to nice days, the cold weather might be too much of a shock to your system.

Lena . . . said...

Isn't it unfortunate that we live in such a throw away society. It seems just about everything is cheaper to replace than to fix. I would be SO lost without my sewing machine and my crochet hook but at least a crochet hook isn't as costly to replace. Keep us posted in case we have to do a funeral durge for your sewing machine (chuckle).