Saturday, February 14, 2009


Back home in Minnesota, this would be snow covering the walkway. Here the sand has drifted across in huge drifts.
This guy was waiting on the dock to say goodbye to us.
This old dock was by the gas station where we stopped to fill up on our way back.
This is the home port for our pontoon. And another welcoming committee! We had returned safely from our trip. The guys were hungry from all the fresh air, so we headed off to the AYCE spaghetti dinner at the local cafe, called The Runway. A perfect ending to a perfect day.


Lisa said...

Are you sure you are not a professionial and you haven't told me? Your pictures are awesome.

Just Joni said...

Parts One through Four...excellent and boy are you making me miss the beach. Love all of your photos...looks like the perfect spot to be!

Just Joni said...

Hi Marge,
Looks like you lost your Internet pictures! But I fell in love with these all over again, they truly do carry me away. I'm just happy you are giving me a little "escape" through photography. No worries on the peanut butter, the brand we use is safe! As for the classes I am taking: 1) Creative Writing 2) Literary Analysis and Writing for the Secondary School English Teacher 3) Senior Seminar-A focus on Reading/Writing...and then I have to volunteer 40 hours over the next 13 weeks in two classrooms. I'll love it once the ball gets rolling! If you were to take classes at the college, what classes would you take? My going-back-to-school adventure all started with one little photography class a few years back and I've been going ever since...thank goodness I'm just about finished...I want to enjoy all this hard work while I still have all my faculties. I know you are headed home soon, have a safe journey ~