Monday, February 02, 2009


Last week I went out for a walk and decided to look up and down, and to take pictures of what I found. We often look up through this opening and see the F22's and F15's flying to and from the base runway, protecting us all. They make so much noise, but instead of complaining, I decided to be thankful each time they fly over. Thankful that they are our planes and not terrorists!

Then I looked down and found this lovely lichen and fungus and moss.

This red stuff is weird, but is some kind of fungus or lichen, I guess.

Then looking back up I saw this sweet dove. I love doves. I think they are so cool.

This growth must have impressed's posted twice! I deleted the html for the second picture but it wouldn't go away.

This guy would not come out in the open. Not when he was up in the tree, or when he was

down by the ground.

And this guy insisted on staying mostly out of sight, too.


Lena . . . said...

Isn't it amazing what beauty you see when you just look? I've hung a hummingbird feeder on the tree right outside the RV door. It's like Grand Central Station in the morning and early evening. Must be commuting time or something. This morning I think I could have reached out and touched one of them. They're so beautiful.

Lisa said...

I just love it when you go out not planning on seeing anything and get a chance to see everything. I'm telling you, I am so jealous/happy for you to be able to run down to Florida and have the joys you are experiencing. That is so awesome! Think of me while you are there. For I left part of my soul in Florida you know!

Just Joni said...

It's always interesting what can be seen when we just look at the things around looks like you are having beautiful weather...I especially like the bird shots.

Linda up north said...

Once again beautiful snapshots!
I hear you are looking at record lows in the panhandle tonight... Tell your hubby to plug in that toaster and stay warm!

Marge said...

Linda, this time we didn't even bring the toaster along! But you're right, he was turning on every light for the extra heat! And it has been in the twenties at night as far south as Miami! Hope it warms up before you come down!