Saturday, February 14, 2009


We had many different birds following us on our trip. This huge guy was ugly...... A pelican sort of guy but his beak is narrower and more pointed.

There were many seagulls, of course, and if you hold up your hand with a cracker in it, they will follow you anywhere, right Carole?

And my favorite birds, the F22, known as the Rapture. They fly out over the gulf, making lots of noise, but each time I hear them and see them up against the lovely blue sky, I am thankful that they are ours and not some enemy on a bombing run. We are so blessed to have these men and women in blue protecting our country!


Lisa said...

That's right, that is the sound of FREEDOM! Aren't the colors there just magnificant.

Mom in MN said...

I agree, the fighter jets are my favorite birds, too! I love the sound and the speed...makes me miss living on the AFB.

Linda B. said...

I love seeing the fighter jets too. Before Matt and I left for Boston to visit my sister years ago we saw some take off. The speed and sound is amazing. It makes me so proud and thankful to know there are people here that put their lives on the line for us.