Tuesday, March 03, 2009


My sewing machine is working just fine. However it cost me seven days and 60 plus miles, and $50. Here's the ending to my story.

Yesterday, on day six of my machine withdrawal, I went in to town to the shop where I had brought it and asked for my machine back. Well, why? the woman asked me. So I explained that they were supposed to just open up the machine, look to see if it was something obvious, and let me know so I could decide what to do. Well, seems they hadn't gotten around to even taking the case off the machine, so I told them I would be taking my machine elsewhere. They gave me the deposit back, no questions asked, but muttering something about it only being six days since I brought it in!

I found a repair shop for my brand of machine, about 30 miles away, and took off to deliver it there. It arrived there yesterday afternoon. This morning they called, said they could find nothing wrong, but had tightened things up, cleaned it, oiled it, and put in a new needle, saying that maybe my surge protector had gotten bumped and the plug for the machine loosened or something. But whatever had caused the problem, it seems that it's fine now and I could come and pick it up. Which I did.

And now mama's happy.......Not with the first repair place, but with the very nice, friendly, competent, trusting folks at the second place. I say trusting because I had planned to pay with my credit or debit card. The guy told me that they don't do cards, only cash or check. I didn't have enough cash, and I have no check blanks. Don't write checks anymore. So he told me to just take the machine and he'd "charge it" and I could pay later! Do you believe that?

Yup, mama's happy now!


Lisa said...

Oh that is good news on all accounts. First I am thrilled your machine is well and I am also glad you found someone that still believes that people are honest and good. Hip hip hooray!

Memaw's memories said...

So glad you got your machine back and 'fixed' for a mere $50, which you were allowed to charge.

Don't find folks like that much anymore. I'm surprised you didn't have to leave your husband as collateral.

Linda B. said...

Perhaps machine was protesting being back in the cold air of MN so got it's needle "out of joint"?