Thursday, March 05, 2009


I was finally able to finish this tote bag I had started in Florida. I think it turned out kind of cute. It is going to someone who has a birthday coming up soon. I hope she likes it!
The other day as I was passing time in my local quilt shop and drooling on a couple dozen pieces of fabric that I coveted, I spied a clearance basket with some rolled up flats in it and I started digging. I pulled out about 9 or 10 of them that were obviously from the same fabric line. They were 50 cents apiece and I figured for five dollars total I could find something to do with them. Last night I cut them into six inch squares and laid them out on the living room floor. I think with the addition of some olive green, teal, or eggplant colored borders, I will have a pretty neat (and cheap!) small quilt, don't you think?
Meanwhile, on the other side of this guest/sewing/computer room, hubby is searching all the camper dealers and Craigslist, looking for a good deal on a used trailer that would give us a bit more room. One where two people could actually stand up at the same time! One where a person could sit on the toilet without his legs touching the wall and cabinets on the sides and his knees poking through the shower curtain in front of him. One where one person could do dishes and the other person could actually pass behind him without squeezing through. And one that wouldn't cost much more than the trade in we could get on our almost brand new tiny trailer. And of course it would have to have plenty of storage space for fabric deals someone just might happen to find along the way. Wonder who that might be?


Just Joni said...

I love these colors...I think green really is the new black! I get excited to hear what you might be making next so be sure to keep us posted ~ and I'm glad you got your machine fixed and back so fast...good to know there are still businesses who really do practice good, old-fashion customer service. Happy sewing to you ~

Lisa said...

You crack me up....I can't help you on the colors and the quilt, that is just NOT my thing. I have no eye for it. But it does look interesting. I await your finished product.

And for the trailer, I wish you well on your hunt. I just have a feeling that you all will be successful!!!

Linda B. said...

You have a great creative mind. I can't put fabrics together and know if they clash or match. But when I see what others have put together it's just beautiful. Your friend should love the gift you made for her. I saw Kari's coffee cat bag and it's purrrrfect!