Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday, Friday, morning, we took off bright and early for a community about 2 1/2 hours northwest of us. We had found a couple of trailers on Craig's List that we wanted to check out. As we were leaving town, the sun was peeking through the grove of trees behind us. I had Ernie pull over so I could snap a picture. It was very pretty, and the old saying of 'red sky in the morning, sailors take warning' did not hold true for our day. Maybe that's a summer sky, not a winter sunrise, do you think?
We found our trailer at the first place we stopped. It's TWICE as long as our teeny tiny trailer, and it has a slide. It has a separate bedroom, and a sofa to sit on, and a dinette to eat at. The twin beds in the teeny tiny trailer also served as our sitting area, and the seats for our table.
This is the kitchen area. Look at that big frig! Twice the size of the one in the teeny tiny trailer.
In the back, next to the bathroom, are grandkid bunks! When we're on a long trip I envision storing extra supplies and clothing in baskets in this area. I'm going to make a curtain to close it off.
And over the sofa and dinette I plan to recover the valances. They are a maroon red with a gold stripe, not a close match for the grey upholstery! The bed also has a red velvety spread on it.....not my style at all! I have a patchwork quilt that will look much better!

See the TTT next to the new one! It's half the size!

And I will be removing the stained glass kokopelli window from the TTT and installing it in the new one. The window from the new one will go in this one.
Oh, the trailer is not's a 2001 or 2002. It was taken very good care of and seems to be in excellent condition. We hope to take it out for some trial runs before we head to Alaska in July. I won't bore you with putting up a countdown widget for the Alaska trip quite yet, although I am already so excited I can't stand it! And my mouth is watering from thinking about feasting on fresh salmon and halibut! Oh, ya, I also can't wait to see our son, Chris, and his Amy! We love them dearly and just don't get to see them often enough.


Dandelion Quilts said...

I love that picture of the sun coming up. Beautiful. Your new "home" will provide you with lots of fun, it sounds like....quite spacious! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I understand the fear of FMQ...I have been there. I say do a few smaller projects and practice. I put two fats together and just practiced before I started anything. Also, I had been told that to never cross lines, etc. MYTHS, I say! The rule make the rules, you are the one quilting it. I got the idea for loops from something I sent to the long armer. I thought, I could do loops! They are so much easier. The trick is to wear your quilting gloves and to only use your fingertips in moving, careful to hardly nudge the quilt. I do think that now I have been practicing my loops, I could do the the jigsaw pattern easier. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Oh glad you found a new home to take on the road with you. Looks like a real nice one and since it is so big, maybe I could catch a ride to Alaska with you!!!! I love the stained glass window...that is just beautiful.

Just Joni said...

Your new trailer looks a wee bit like ours. We have a 2000 Prowler that we don't get to take out nearly enough! We've only had a few minor problems with ours over the years...the bathroom sink cracked around the drain hole, and the front windows leaked and needed to be resealed.

That kokopelli window will make your new place feel like home.

Have a good week dear friend ~

The Park Wife said...

The trailer is HUGE! I hope you plan a trip South, after Alaska of course. Just got caught up with all your going on's, love the patchwork purse!!! Too cute.
The Park Wife

Linda B. said...

I finally am catching up. Congratulations on your new summer home! I can feel your excitement reading about it! I am a camper idiot so I was wondering are all of the windows in doors the same size or have you just been lucky to get ones that fit your beautiful stained glass? Have you sold your teeny tiny trailer yet? Enjoy the warm weather today!

Linda up north said...

Wow, Marge! That is a beautiful RV! I can't wait to read about your adventures :)

Christine said...

Hi There, I linked to your blog from Camille's... congrats on winning! I happen to live up here in Alaska... your motor home looks great. I hope you enjoy your adventure and the long light filled summers we enjoy here.