Saturday, March 28, 2009


I think I'm picking myself up, dusting myself off, and starting all over again............well, not exactly starting all over. But I do think I am back to the blogosphere. I've just been really down in the dumps, no life, no energy, no ideas, no nothing, so I thought it best that I just keep my mouth shut. Never know what might come out in the mood I was in! But like I said, I think I'm back. I went out for a walk after supper and I grabbed my camera on the way out the door.
I'm so happy to say that this is a small pond just a few blocks from my home, and not the Red River by Fargo and East Grand Forks where they are building dikes and sandbagging and some are being evacuated from their homes. However, I have filled a lot of sandbags in my day. There was a flood in the late 70's when we were stationed up there, and we worked alongside the folks in town, filling and slinging sandbags. Hard work.
Have you ever seen such a fatty?
His friend up in the tree isn't quite as plump!
And look what I found! GREEN! It's coming, folks, spring is coming!
All the ice is gone from the big pond. I saw a couple of ducks down at the far end of the pond.
And saw this fat creature along the muddy bank.
Do you think it's a rat? GROSS and UGLY!
I turned around to head home about the time the sun was setting.
And you know me. I can't ignore a sunset when I have my camera along!
It was nice and peaceful as I arrived home.....but still a little chilly. I was glad I had gloves along.


Ernie said...

The Gross Ugly rat is actually a cute little muskrat swimning around the pond acting cool.

Mom in MN said...

Welcome back! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Spring has GOT to be right around the corner, and that should help cheer us up! I am "solar-powered" myself, so I am a much happier person when the sun shines.

I remember going sand-bagging with your family...I think it was 1979.

Lisa said...

Oh I love your pictures. Not what I expected either. The sunsets are sure pretty aren't they. I figured you all would still have snow on the ground.
That funk is here in OK too with me. Just not much in the mood to blog. Nothing wrong, just not in the mood! Talk to you soon. Going to lunch with an old friend from Enid...yeah, she was my doggie's owner and owner of the puppy's daddy. So it will be a good visit!

Linda B. said...

I'm glad your writing again. I just love, love, love your sunset pictures! You could enlarge those and frame them, you know. So did you hear about the snow we are expected to get tomorrow? That's MN for ya!

Just Joni said...

Beautiful's good that you got out for a walk so you could take these great pictures...some of us are barricaded in the house with books galore and not enough time to do the more important things (and here I am

Dionne said...

Your sunset photos are BEAUTIFUL! As for the muscrat/rat thingy.... as long as it stays on it's side of the world I'm happy!

Linda up north said...

I see someone beat me to it... it is a muskrat... The first time I saw one I though it was a fat sewer rat... ugh!
Glad you are back :) I have missed you!

Memaw's memories said...

We all have times when we feel we have no purpose, and get really down.

Glad you are feeling better. I always enjoy your pictures.

And if Ernie says it's a muskrat, it must be. I wouldn't know one if I saw one.