Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We loaded the last of the supplies into the trailer, put the perishables into the truck.......and it wouldn't start! I guess it was tired of sitting in the below zero temperatures and decided this morning to refuse to turn over. So Bob-a-Loo and Chip crawled under the hood to see what was wrong.
Ernie jumped the truck with the van and soon it yielded to our demands and cranked over.
And we were ready to go.....10 below or not!

Let me introduce you to our traveling companions. First in the back on the left is Aqua Maria, friend of our granddaughter, Madison. Next to her on the right is Jammin' Jaden, friend of granddaughter, Jaden. In the front we have Chip with the bulging eyes, owned by grandson, Ben, and the much loved Bob-a-Loo, who belongs to granddaughter, Anna. We were only going to take the girls' friends, but somehow Chip got in there too. I tried at the last minute to get a friend from grandson Nicolas to come along, but Nicolas had already left on his trip to the Wisconsin Dells so we couldn't get permisssion to take anyone along. Maybe one of his friends can accompany us to Alaska next summer.
Everyone was excited. None of these extra travelers had left the state of Minnesota before!

They saw forests of wind generators in north central Iowa.

And lots of clouds of steam and smoke by the big cities billowing up into the cold, calm air.
There wasn't a lot of snow, but it was really sparklie, a nice touch for New Year's Eve.
Farm buildings silhouetted against the golden sunset make a nice picture,

as do the bare trees and bushes.

It was a very nice sunset in southeastern Iowa and we enjoyed it for many miles.

The travelers were tired and ready for bed when we stopped in Hannibal Missouri, where the temperature is a balmy 23 degrees. Above zero!


Mom in MN said...

So far, so good...looks like you're ALL having a good time!

You got out of here just in time to miss the brutally cold temps that have returned!

Travel safe!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Silly girl, I had to laugh at those travel companions and decided they'll be the best ones possible, quiet and complient. Hope you all have a safe and happy trip.

Lisa said...

Oh you got me too on the traveling companions! And what cute ones they are. You are not too far from my neck of the woods there in MO, but it will be short lived as I know you are not staying there any longer than you have to. I sure wish I was tucked into that bed, going with you all. Happy trails to you till we meet again! That better be pretty soon too!

Just Joni said...

I enjoyed your pictures...all of them, but those sunsets were spectacular...what a blessing to have these images to appreciate on your journey. Your little traveling companions will have such stories to tell once they get home to their rightful owners. Lucky dogs. Be safe and stay warm!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm just so excited for you Marge. Have a wonderful time! blessings, marlene

Russell said...

Good luck as you head south!! Those wind generators may be the same ones I go by when I drive to my parents' home in north central Iowa - or at least they look the same! We are getting more and more in Iowa.

I certainly like your traveling companions!! Heh!! When my daughter was young she took an old worn out puppet cat with her - we called him Puppet! I still have Puppet in a box in the basement...! I sort of helped him talk...!

Take care and keep us up to date with all your adventures!!!

Tonjia said...

ohhhh I am 3 days behind! eeek!

I have been to Hannibal MO, isnt that where Mark Twain is from?

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