Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm guessing that hubby will get out of his recliner today! This morning the Christmas gift he ordered for himself (he said it was for both of us....thanks.....just what I wanted!) arrived and he will be out playing with it, for sure. He bought himself a Garmin. Now we had a GPS already, a gift from two of our kids several years ago, but it was a hand held one, and I guess he needed the real bi*ch on the dash one.

Well we now have it. I doubt if it will find a shorter way to town......we know which road is the most direct. There isn't much you can do differently in four miles! It will be like the trip up north with Neil a couple of weeks ago where there was a constant argument between the driver and the voice inside the little box. The lovely lady on the dash starts yelling at you "turn right immediately. Recalculating," every time you don't do what she says, which was at least 50% of the time. How is that little sweetie supposed to know about the Burnadotte cutoff, or the Brownton short cut? She sits on the dash and spends most of her time recalculating because you don't follow her directions. So why do you need it? You're going to go your own way anyhow!

Do you think for one minute that I believe you'll follow her route to Florida? Say, just for instance, if I would ask it to find the closest quilt shop, or Starbucks or Cold Stone Creamery along the way. Will you go there? Don't answer. I know you will drive right on by.

Guess what? I'm not real happy about this joint Christmas gift! Do you think there is a way I can go inside her pretty little brain and delete all the golf courses?


Tonjia said...

I am usually a techno-ho but these on board GPS's really make me wonder. However did we get where we wanted to go without one? LOLOL

I think you need a cool little techno goodie of your own. Have you seen those kindles that amazon sells?? OMG.

Just Joni said...

I don't know if you can delete the golf courses, but there is a section built in to assist with first aid in case the need arises, like say if he gets hit over the head with a skillet or anything you can scroll through and it will help you assess the nature of the emergency.

I'm glad you are playing the letter game...your letter is M for Marge...have fun!

Anonymous said...

We have one of those awful things also. He knows how to get to Jeff's and yet he programs the thing and we go through the boonies and toolies--he says that makes it fun!!NOT!!!! The woman on the dash is always recalculating ours also.because he doesn't pay attention to when to turn--the turns come up to quickly I guess!

Lisa said...

Ok, we have one too. I will not let him take it when I drive, it drives me CRAZY! And like someone else said, he already knows the way somewhere but takes it anyways. So if we go in the car, I drive and the GPS stays home. If we go in the truck, he drives and usually it still doesn't go if I am there. I have caught him trying to program it or do something while he is driving down the road. And then he wonders why I don't let him drive! I am going to die soon enough, I don't want it to happen any quicker because he was playing with some chick on the dash.