Sunday, December 28, 2008


This tiny sad looking tree will be taken down today. It is missing many ornaments. I had bought clear glass ornaments,
had gone to the bank and requested brand spanking new bills, and then rolled up the money and stuffed it into the clear ball and hung them on the tree for the grandkids. My money tree! The kids seemed to like the non-traditional way to receive their Christmas money. And it was easy!But today the thoughts are here! Time to dig out the little Nomad and

pack her up and head South. I just realized I haven't given you a tour of our home for the next two months, so I just put on some shoes and my jacket, and in my cute pink jammies I went out to take these pictures for you.
This is my stove. Just three burners, no oven. There is a small microwave above the stove though. Wish I had recipes for cooking in the microwave.....I seldom use mine! But I will bring my crock pot, and I do enjoy using that often.
This is the TINY bathroom. There are four inches between the seat and the counter, and maybe even less on the door side, so it's tight! There is a small shower on the left side, but we won't be using it as a shower. It's going to become a storage unit! I plan to have my dirty clothes, a Rubbermaid container of extra jackets, blankets and shoes, and other large items stored in here. Our closet is about 18 inches wide, so there isn't much room there.
We will have to shop about every other day for produce and meat as this is the fridge we will have for the next two months! It, too, is small. I think we'll also have to have a cooler to keep some water and juice in. We lived in here for a week this past summer, but never for two months. It may be a little tight!

BUT, we are excited to use our new cabinet. The bed/sleeping spot used to be the two bench seats on the side that are also the two beds, and then there was a cushion across the back, also for seating. We found that we never used that spot. With the table there, it would make it very awkward to get in and out if we were to try to sit there. So we took the cushion out and had a friend build this cabinet for us. Before the only storage space was the two overhead cupboards where you see the doors. That's not much space. Now we have three shelves behind the upper doors and a nice big spot on the bottom of this new cabinet. I think it will be great! And didn't Pat do a super job of matching the interior?

Now it's time for me to get dressed and as soon as Ernie plugs in the heater to warm up the camper a bit, I'll get out there and start packing stuff in. The hardest thing will be to remember not to put anything out there that might freeze! All the toiletries, cleaning supplies and foods that are in anyway liquid will have to be packed in a laundry basket and hauled in the back seat of the truck until we cross the freeze/no freeze line!


Mom in MN said...

That is a nice camper; a bit smaller than you're used to maybe, so it's a good thing you and Ernie really LIKE each other! :-)

The custom-made cabinet is awesome. Isn't it great to have talented friends?!

Have a safe, fabulous trip and don't forget to blog along the way!

Marge said...

Oh, don't worry! I'll do lots of blogging. If the camper gets too tight, I'll go up to the clubhouse at our AFB campground, and write a blog because we have wireless there. I may end up blogging..... oh say maybe.....five or six times a day!

Hubby said...

This little trailer will pull so easy we won't even know it is behind. Having a lovely wife like Marge will make the two months fly by like a few hours. I can't wait to start our new adventure together. It is always exciting traveling with a blog woman who takes pictures of everything exciting.. We will see a bunch of new stuff on our way. I will stop for all photo shots.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Quick! Go to and type in microwave cake in a cup and get the recipe. It really works and if you add some Cool Whip to the top it's awesome! blessings, marlene

Michelle said...

Sounds like you are going to have a nice trip.

Linda up north said...

Oh I am so excited for you! What fun! Sounds like you are going with a great traveling companion, too :)

Lena . . . said...

You're as good as on your way. We're ALMOST at that point. We have some "ducks to get in a row" this week and we'll be packing the RV this weekend, hoping to head out Sunday or Monday. I can't wait to get on the road - only we're headed southwest. And I'll be blogging too - so we'll stay in touch!!

Lisa said...

Marge, sure wish I was coming through your way while going to Florida, but there is always another journey! You all are going to have a wonderful, peaceful time. And it sounds as if Hubby is the man to take along for sure. (I think he is kind of sweet on you!) I wish we were able to travel and go do the things you all do. Someday...maybe someday. Safe journeys.

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