Sunday, December 14, 2008


The saga of the tooth is ended. It's gone, and we're not going to talk about it again!

Our weather has turned frightful! When we left for church at eight this morning the temperature read 37 degrees. It really felt warm, and I ran from the car into the church with just my sweater, no coat. After church and Bible Study it had cooled off, but it still wasn't really bad. We went to brunch with my sister Betsy and her husband Ross, and my sister Lois, and when we came out it was noticeably colder and white stuff was coming down. I needed a few things at Sam's place, so we stopped there, and when we came out the wind had really picked up and the white stuff was blowing sideways. And the temperature was 7 degrees! A thirty degree difference in four hours!

Now I'm home, and going to go through a couple of cookbooks to find something to bake that the grandkids will like, but that I won't like, so I won't be tempted to eat it. And I have a bunch of pictures to post, so I'll be back later this afternoon.


Tonjia said...

I cant believe it! I thought I was the only one who searched for stuff to bake that I dont like because I dont want to be tempted. LOLOL

EEEEK, 7 degrees? Brrrr.

We got 4 inches of snow last night and are supposed to get a couple of inches tonight and then again tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Mom in MN said...

That's my first instinct when the weather gets stormy -- bake something! We got some treats made yesterday, but they didn't actually require use of the oven, so I guess that doesn't count as "baking".

I LOVE being snowed in!

Lisa said...

We were near 70 yesterday and now we are 16 degrees. We had the cold front come through and sleet. No snow, just sleet. Schools are closed all over the place. I love this kind of weather. I am going to build a fire, wrap gifts, and see if my husband ever gets the tree out of the attic!!! I had a very busy weekend, but loved it.