Friday, December 19, 2008


My little kokopelli is tired of the snow and is ready to head south. We bought this stained glass window insert for our camper down in Mexico last year about this time.
The weather was quite different from the weather we are experiencing this winter. These photos are from last week's storm, but we're getting a new one tonight. We are under a blizzard
warning so these scenes will seem like a peaceful Norman Rockwell painting compared to what we are promised tonight.
Out on the road last week.....
I know, I shouldn't be taking pictures through the windshield while I'm driving!

This was the sunset on Wednesday as we came back from visiting our daughter Gail, about 2 hours away from our home.


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, I love, LOVE the sunset picture!!!!! Now do I need to lecture you about taking pictures WHILE DRIVING!!!! You could have gone all day and not confess to me that you did that!!!
I really do like your camera, you got a good one and you have a lot of good scenery to take pictures of as well.

My aunt and uncle leave for Florida Monday. I checked the map and you will not be close to them darn it! but with the weather as you portray it...I would be heading south myself!

Email me an update on Gail sometime would you ?

Just Joni said...

That sunset is breathtaking and I love that Kokopelli insert. Our little window frame on our travel trailer is beginning to yellow and it aggravates do you keep yours so white? Thanks for dropping by for a visit, I always enjoy your company ~ stay warm and safe from the storm ~

Lena . . . said...

Minnesota does have some beautiful sunsets, doesn't it. I wanted one of those leaded glass inserts for our camper window also, but Ole wants the window open so he can see who's at the door when someone knocks. So instead I bought TWO and have them hanging in my windows at home. Snicker - Ole lost out that time, didn't he?