Monday, December 08, 2008


I went to the dentist a few weeks ago for normal cleaning. Nothing hurting, nothing wrong, no problem, just due for my 6 month cleaning. After digging around they decide my gum is goofy by one tooth and there is spongy gum or bone starting or something like that.

Off to the periodontist. Yup, bone loss around the tooth so that needs to be fixed with donor bone tissue! But first the crown needs to be redone on that tooth.

Back to the dentist this morning to have the prep work done to replace the crown. Take the crown off and discover the botched root canal from eons ago. Nope, can't do the crown until we do another root canal to correct the bad one.

Now I head to the endodontist this afternoon for an emergency root canal.

Heading up north Wednesday for a visitation on Wednesday night and funeral on Thursday. Back home Thursday night.

Back to the dentist on Friday morning to hopefully complete the new crown prep that we couldn't do today.

Back to the dentist on the 22nd to set the new crown.


Come home on March 1. Back to the periodontist to start the procedure on the gum......that involves donor bone tissue?!?!? And how many visits will that involve?

This is not a fairy tale, but a huge nightmare that ought to be banned!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness!!!! That does sound like a nightmare. And honesty, it sounds pretty serious. Give us an update on your daughter too would you? Hope you are feeling ok with all this mess going on!

Tonjia said...

you are the fourth person that I have heard of lately that needs bone grafts in their mouth!

I think its becoming a fad. you know, something that the dentist community has discovered that will cause a great deal of pain and cost more than your home? LOL

I have 3 dentists in my family, I am going to look into this.