Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My friend Joni over at Morning Coffee is playing a game about favorite things starting with a specific letter. It goes like this: If you want to play you leave a comment saying you'd like a letter and I'll assign you one. Then you write about 10 things that you love that start with your letter. Post it on your blog, have people comment, assign them a letter, and the chain continues. I thought it sounded like fun, so I am playing. Joni gave me the letter "M".........here goes!

Mom.....the beautiful lady in the purple is my mom. She has been living in heaven with Jesus since July 15. I miss her. I love her.
The other pretty lady is mom's sister, Elaine. I love her too!

My Morning coffee, made with fresh ground beans and in a French Press. No better coffee on earth!

And I love Joni's blog, Morning Coffee ! I really should count this twice!

I love Minnesota! I love the four seasons. I love the trees, flowers, lakes, birds and all the wildlife. I love our State Parks. I love Lake Superior and Duluth, and the North Shore.

However, right now I'm already tired of the winter we're having this year. One storm is followed within days by another storm. Snow is pretty, but wind and cold temperatures aren't!

And I love Mountains. This happens to be Pikes Peak in the summer of 2007, but I love all mountains. Denali in Alaska is breathtaking. The Canadian Rockies are awesome. Glacier National Park is easily one of the best places to view mountains. And flying from Amsterdam to Venice over the Alps is a thrill! Mountains are beautiful!

I love Music. Almost all kinds of music. When we were kids, my dad would play the Boston Pops for us, and we grew to love their music. We had a record player and I remember the 78 records. I especially loved The Grand Canyon Suite. Right now I am listening to Peter Ostroushko and the music he composed for a PBS special on Minnesota and the early settlers on the prairie. I also love his CD called Postcards.

I love Michelangelo! I love him even more since I was privileged to go to Italy with the art classes from the college where I worked. The Sistine Chapel is absolutely wonderful! David is so beautiful. And the Pieta takes your breath away. I stood in front of the glass protecting the Pieta with tears rolling down my face. It was one of those moments I will never forget.

I love Marriage. I love knowing my hubby will be there, always. Just to know that no matter what I do that he may not like (like write about his Garmin!) he will still be there. I am not always lovable, but he loves me anyway.

This picture is my parents on their wedding day. Wasn't my mom the most beautiful bride you have ever seen? They had a great marriage. I never once heard a discouraging word!

I love Merlot. Several nights a week we have a glass of wine, either before dinner, or with our dinner. Just one.

And I love Material, or fabric (but that starts with F!). I like to make quilted things, table runners, quilts, etc. I like what you can to with different colors and designs, and how changing one little element can change the whole thing.
There. I think that's 10 M's. Remember, if you'd like to do this, leave me a comment requesting a letter, and I'll give you one!
Things sure move around when you're trying to put text alongside the photos. Sorry about that!


Mom in MN said...

I'm game -- pick a letter for me! I've got five days off in a row, so I'm bound to have some time to blog! :-)

Just Joni said...

Mmmarvelous! I love your M's, but my favorite was your mom...she is beautiful and I cannot think of a better M word...thank you for playing, that was fun!

Merry Christmas to you and your family ~

Lisa said...

I loved that you played Joni's game. I wish I had to play, but right now I don't. I am up today at 4:30, could not sleep, have so much to do and I have not been on the computer for two days. So I wanted to catch up with everyone and try to do a Christmas posting.
So Merry Christmas and hopefully I will be catching up with you between now and the time you leave for Florida. Thank you for the Christmas letter! I loved it!

Mom in MN said...

Thank you for the letter assignment -- I have my list written out, but probably won't have time to blog it until tomorrow. Today my "B" word is BUSY! :-) The kids will all be here, so gotta get busy with last minute cleaning and making dinner.

Merry Christmas!

Tonjia said...

oh this sounds fun, count me in!