Saturday, December 20, 2008


NOTE: ESPECIALLY FOR LISA: I did not take these pictures while driving! Ernie was driving, so I could just shoot away. They're still all taken through the windshield, but I wasn't driving!

This is one of the hills in town. It doesn't look like much from the high seat in the big Ford truck, but it's quite steep, and we were going very slow.
An intersection at the bottom of another hill. SCARY!
Why are all these people in town anyhow? Don't they know it's a blizzard? Silly people!

Heading home. And I'm glad I'm not driving. The weather outside is frightful. Hey, that should be the line of a Christmas song!

We're only about 4.5 mile from town. Glad it's no further.
Limited visibility........

It doesn't get any better either!

There is a water tower in the above photo.........a bit to the right of center......
Only two blocks from home............

Isn't it beautiful? If you were at my house for coffee this afternoon, you would all be spending the night. It's a good thing you're not house needs cleaning. Now I'm off to make Pioneer Woman's Molasses Cookies.


Linda B. said...

I'm glad you are home safe! I'm also glad my we didn't go to my Dad's today for our Christmas. He's in your neck of the woods. Wish I was close enough to stop in for cookies!

Lisa said...

Whew!!! I am soooo relieved to know that you were not driving and taking pictures. I might have to have you committed if that were the case, for you would be crazy to do that huh?!!! That is one heck of a snow storm.. And if I had been there, I would be tempted to be right out in the middle of it. Something about being out when you shouldn't gets the blood to flowing good! And the heart to pumping..oh wait, that was the good ole days, now....I am much smarter and stay home if it looks just the little bit bad out. I am so glad you made it home safe and sound and I bet you are so looking forward to going south SOON!!!

Just Joni said...

brrrr....I need a cup of hot chocolate now...stay warm.