Friday, December 12, 2008


Okay, so we got back from northern Minnesota at about 11:30 last night, and I had to head off to the dentist this morning to have my tooth pulled. Dr. K couldn't get the back side to numb up, so it took five lovely shots of Novocaine to get it deadened enough to pull it. It cracked in two as he pulled it out, which he said proves that it would have given me trouble had it remained in my mouth. Anyhow, it's done, doesn't hurt too much, and mashed potatoes really do fill a person up!

But, as I walked into the dentist's waiting room a woman had just entered pushing a double stroller, and right behind her was her husband, also pushing a double stroller. They are the parents of two year old quads! The husband parked his stroller and left, leaving mom with the four kids. Were they ever beautiful! The kids had dark eyes and dark hair....I'm guessing mother was maybe from South America, but she spoke very good English, and was obviously highly educated. I found out later that the husband is a professor at a University. They had moved here from Texas where the babies were born.

The kids were there for their two year check up. Mom took the first little girl, Elizabeth, and stripped off her snowsuit and took her in to the dentist and left the other three in the strollers, under the watchful eyes of the receptionist. Soon little James wanted out, as did William a few minutes later. Samantha was shy and wanted to stay in the stroller, buckled up, just like mom left her! Soon mom brought the first one back and took one of the boys. By now all of them were playing with the puzzles, blocks, and snap apart beads on the floor in the reception room. Up down, back and forth, in and out, and up and down again! Oh my! Two year old quads would keep a person busy. And they are probably the reason that mom was very slim and trim!

The kids went in, one by one and as I was heading back for my "procedure" the last little girl was brought into the cubicle next to me. The dentist was so gentle with her, playing games of counting her teeth and showing her his mirror, etc, but she wasn't happy, and screamed the whole time. Poor thing was scared. But, those four beautiful children had been a wonderful distraction for me, and as I settled back into the chair I think I actually had a smile on my face, and I was ready to "Open Wide!"


StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh thank goodness I don't have those children - I would definitely lose my mind! blessings, marlene

linda said...

hi marge, sounds like you are having fun! wow, sounds like me a few years ago and it does cost so much money....

hoping you are feeling better soon, if not never did say it hurt! :)

Lisa said...

Well, the quads sound like a nice distraction, but the tooth deal sounds awful! I am so sorry you are going through that. I have always had very good teeth, but now they are starting to have "issues". I still have four baby teeth, and they are starting to wear out! I have no adult teeth under them! And now that we have retired, we have no dental insurance....oh my goodness, I fear the cost of having my teeth worked on. Hope things are better for you now!

Tonjia said...

thank goodness that tooth is out!
I hope the pain disappears!

OMG Four 2 yr olds?? eeeek

Linda up north said...

Quads! What a wonderful blessing!
I'm sorry about all your surprise dental work... I am going in for my third crown and sorta wonder if I may be in for the kind of stuff you are doing. sigh. I hope you will soon be putting all this behind you!!

Memaw's memories said...

I know those quads were a hoot to watch.

So now that the tooth is gone, are you going to do the bridge thing or just leave the space?