Friday, January 02, 2009




We arrived this afternoon about four after 1300 some miles. No troubles along the way, good roads, and Mr. Garmin did his job and got us here. (I decided to change from her to him.....and we like him better!) It rained really hard right as we were going through Birmingham, but we needed the salt washed off the truck anyhow!

We had a horrible motel last night in Alabama. There was a crack along side the door that was about an inch wide! The floor creaked so loud I though the place was falling down. The clock/radio didn't work at all, and there were very few people staying there. Wonder why? And this was a major nationwide chain. Never again! Oh, the wireless connection dropped me right after I completed loading a bunch of pictures and writing a post, so I decided to just forget it. I'll get some photos up tomorrow.

I'm tired now. Good night!


Lisa said...

So glad to know you are there safe and sound. I am waiting for the pictures, but don't want to add to your frustrations. We are suppose to have 70's degrees tomorrow and then bottom out in a couple days. I don't like this back and forth weather, but it is better than JUST COLD!!! So I will take it and not complain! We just need some moisture here at my house!
Take care, get settled in and give us some pics soon as you can!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I'm glad too ya'll made it safe and sound. We're suppose to have rain pretty much all week here but it is a warm rain at least. Love ya!

Linda up north said...

Oh my... I think we stayed at that same place a couple years ago, and it was raining cats and dogs. It was so awful... 'At least,' I thought 'I can get on line.' But no... The front desk said, "Oh no... not when it rains. We always lose our internet when it rains."

Lena . . . said...

I wish it would warm up enough and quit snowing long enough so we could get our RV loaded and get out of here. Our target was to do that this weekend, but it's storming here again so I guess we'll put it off for another few days. Ugh.

Tonjia said...

79 degrees??? OMG are your pores screaming hallelujah???

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