Saturday, January 03, 2009


Yesterday morning it was very foggy as we took off for the last leg of our trip. I love the hills but

it was hard to see them very clearly due to the fog. There was also a lot of traffic. I suppose it was the holiday travelers going back home.
It really would have been a beautiful drive had it been clear and sunny.

And remember, these photo were taken out the window of the truck, barreling down the highway at 65 or 70 miles an hour, so some are blurry in addition to the fog!
I was amazed that this picture turned out this well because it was a victim of the fog and the 70 miles an hour. It could be clearer, but isn't it a beautiful setting?
I figured this place was more in my price range.
When you see the tall, straight pine trees you know you're getting close.
And here we are! This bay is a few blocks from the campground that we will call home for the next two months. Hopefully we'll have sunshine and clear skies so I can get some better photos.


Mom in MN said...

Beautiful! I love the farm photo -- great shot!

Tonjia said...

there is something about smelling that sea air and seeing the ocean that really puts me in a good mood.

We used to go to the beach on the MD coast every year when we lived in PA. I love smelling that sea air.

Lisa said...

I love the farm picture, and the reflection of it in the water. You are getting quite good at taking pictures at 70 mph!!! I am looking forward to Florida in a few weeks. We will be at St. Augustine, I hope the weather will be nice while we are there. thanks for keeping us posted on your journey!

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amy said...

OH, Marge your pictures are making me homesick! I was holding it together until I saw those tall straight pine trees!!!!!


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