Monday, January 05, 2009


Today was kind of a catch up day. I did a little laundry, just stuff that I could throw in the dryer. I have my Amish clothes rack along but with the humidity in the dripping zone, clothes wouldn't dry in days of being hung out. So I only washed dryer safe stuff. I read a bunch of blogs that I was behind on, but didn't comment on any. I was so far behind that it was all I could do to read them all! I'll do better, I promise. I cleaned the shower in the trailer that we are using as a storage spot, and straightened up things all around. If we don't keep it all picked up, we have no room to move. Now it's time to think of making something for supper.

What did Ernie do, you ask? He went golfing.


Lena . . . said...

Chuckle - those men - they have ALL the responsibilities, don't they?

Tonjia said...

golfing??? tomorrow you go to the beach and send Ernie to the laundromat!

Lisa said...

I laughed right out loud on that one. Did you bring your bike with you? Get on your bike and ride. ride baby ride! And take more pictures!

Marge said...

Isn't that the truth, Lena? You'd think he worked his butt off all day by how tired he was

You know Tonjia, I guess I don't care if he goes golfing.....he's out of my way! I brought my sewing machine along, so I plan to get back to some projects soon.

Yes, Lisa, we have our bikes along. I've been riding every day, just around the camp here. The road that goes by the gate is a highway, pretty busy and pretty high speeds, so I don't know if we'll do a lot of riding there. Unless I find out I can ride on the sidewalk! And I do need to get out and take pictures. It's hot and so humid, so I've not gone on long walks at all. But I need to get the "babies" out and take pictures for the grands!

Just Joni said...

Ah the joys of camping...even simple chores take on a new appreciation. Just you ever cook with a dutch oven while you are camping?

Enjoy those bike rides ~

Lisa said...

Hey Marge, you need to give us daily temps and humidity reports. That would be fun and interesting. I can not believe that you say it is hot...that is just hard to imagine. Take care, ride those bikes carefully and yes, get the babies out soon for some pictures! Can't wait to see them!

Marge said...

Joni, yes we love dutch oven cooking! We used to have contests to see who cooked the best meals, us, our daughter or our son! But we aren't allowed fires down here at this AF campsite, so didn't bring the pots along. Do you enjoy dutch oven cooking?

Yes, Lisa, I need to take the babies to the beach today. Stay tuned!

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