Saturday, January 10, 2009


The babies have been taking a nice long nap, for about a week, and they are now well rested. I decided to take them out yesterday for a little exercise. The first place we headed was just
down the road from our site, to the swing. They had a real fun time and were very well behaved.
Then Jammin' Jaden took off to climb on the vines, and
of course Aqua Maria had to follow. They swang on the vines, and did lots of Tarzan yells while pretending to rescue people in trouble.
Not to be out done, Chip climbed a tree, and then
Bob-a-Lou had to follow. It was hard for the little one to keep up, so
I finally convinced everyone to settle down again. The girls sat nicely and looked at the bayou, while
the boys dreamed of driving the big boats with the orange tops docked off in the distance.
Everyone was very tired last night, and went right to sleep with no troubles.
So Jaden, Madison, Ben and Anna, your little friends are having a good time and they are behaving themselves pretty well. Thanks again for letting them come along.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Ah, I was wondering about those babies. Looks like they had a nice day, and I love it when you pose them, it cracks me up and it looks so real! I think I'm enjoying this part as much as your grandkids are surely doing. Love ya! Enjoy the weather and that beautiful ocean, wish I were there.

Lisa said...

Oh and just think that could have been ME. I don't eat THAT much, I am pretty quiet, and I would love to take a week long nap. So see, ship the little critters back and make room for ME!!! See you soon?

Just Joni said...

oh, the kids are going to love this...their little buddies are having a wonderful time! Hope you are too! :)

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Kathyb1960 said...

That is just too cute, and what a great idea to have them travelling with you!